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Where can manufacturers go for superior Quality, Delivery, and Price in stamping?  They go to QDP, Inc.  Based in Pennsylvania, QDP is a single source provider that designs, builds, and runs stamping for metal and plastic.  They also offer adhesive laminating and slitting of metal and plastic film.

QDP has a history of pushing the envelope.  The company started out by designing new tools to meet the stringent tolerances required by hard disk drive manufacturing.  They went on to develop proprietary tooling unique to stamping.  Today, QDP’s customer base has expanded to include medical, electronic, aerospace, and automotive component manufacturing.

Their high speed stamping produces high precision parts that satisfies their customer’s need for speed and cost and it’s all proudly made in the U.S.A.  What makes QDP stamping unique is that their tool makers are experts at designing and building their proprietary tooling which means they see the full picture.  QDP retains ownership of all tooling so customers never pay for repairs during the projected tooling life.  In addition, QDP provides prototyping.

They also offer manufacturing in a class 10,000 clean room.  All testing and inspection is done in house.  Their world class capabilities include an integrated video inspection system and inspection under a class 10,000 laminar flow hood.

What kind of service can customers expect from QDP?  It’s spelled out in their name, Quality, Delivery, and Price.  Experience it for yourself by visiting their website at