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We were approached by Total Molding Services, Inc., who operates a molding business, about doing a stamping job that was currently being done for them in SE Asia. The part is an electrical stainless steel contact that is inserted into a molded housing.

Total Molding Services, Inc. was having a difficult problem with the parts being produced with both quality and delivery resulting in late deliveries to their customer. The part itself has quite a few features and tolerances that would be considered difficult to maintain in a stamping die. We agreed to take a look at the tooling that was being used to currently produce the parts in hopes that it could be salvaged with some engineering and rebuilding. It took several weeks for the tooling to be delivered to us and what we received was two boxes containing sixteen separate tools that were used as individual tools to produce the parts. None of the tooling could be used in the design and building of a progressive die.

At this point Total Molding Services, Inc. decided to put the job out for quote since all new tooling would have to be built. QDP was awarded the job and received the Purchase Order for the design, build and running the parts. We were told by Total Molding Services, Inc. that our cost for the progressive die was approximately one-half of what others had quoted and that the design of our die was only half as long as the other designs they received. This was due to QDP’s proprietary die design that has been developed over the years of designing stamping tools for the electronics industry. To date we have produced and delivered well over a million parts to Total Molding Services, Inc. while holding to our standards spelled out in our name Quality, Delivery, and Price.